Growing Up In the Nudist Lifestyle

Unique problems for young Nudists.

One of the touchier subjects that arise from our lifestyle is raising children in and around Nudists. Because we are a growing lifestyle, yet still a very small percentage of the population, raising a family can be tough on the kids who just want to fit in especially in their teen years.

I have a friend here in Paradise Lakes who is in her 60s and was raised in the lifestyle from day one. Her parents were early pioneers in the movement back in the 1930s. She's even appeared in some of the Nudist magazines back in the 60s.

She always felt it was the natural way to live (pardon the play on words) so of course her and her husband raised their kids the same way. Like most of us who are from the north, they practiced nudity around the home and on weekends they would travel to a resort of some sort to be with like-minded people.

She moved here about 20 years ago to live the life full-time, and her two kids lived here also well into their adult years.

If you think about it, growing up with nudity gives kids a healthier attitude about their own bodies and takes some of the mystery away about the human body, in a non-sexual environment. It also takes the pressure away to expect perfection of ourselves when we see that no one else is perfect either.

But what happens when you get into high school and you want to have your friends over for a visit and the parents of those kids are hung up on the "Nudist" thing?

It can get sticky because you have to respect the feelings of all those involved. This why many Nudists still live in a conventional neighborhood, so they can all have non-nudist friends and relatives visit. There are other alternatives developing also, and we'll touch on those at a later date.

Larry Bush February 27, 2011 at 01:35 PM
When I, as a nudist, was getting a divorce from a non-nudist, I had to be "seen" by a psychologist. When I asked him about raising a young child in a nudist home, his response was surprisingly candid. He told me that children raised in nudist homes tend to be less sexually curious. They tend to not get into trouble trying to see or fondle children of the opposite sex. All bets are off, though, if the child is sexually abused. However, a healthy nudist atmosphere is conducive to raising healthy children.


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