It's a Toss Up Between a Penguin and a Barracuda

Did that get your attention? Meet Melissa Mekdeci: Blogger, runner and fan of sports and sparkly things.


At Land O' Lakes Patch, we love (with a capital OVE) local voices, because they help us to connect with the community beyond what's happening in the news. They are your neighbors, your local business owners, your friends and friends-to-be, and they make Patch, well, patchier!

And because we love them, we wanted to know more about them. This week, meet Melissa Mekdeci, whose details the :


Patch: Tell us a little about you.

Mekdeci: I live in mid-Pasco in north Land O' Lakes.  I work for a small firm in Tampa that specializes in import/export.  I am currently attending Florida State University to get my MBA online.  I should be done next May.  My hobbies include reading, running (especially organized races), scrapbooking and shopping.  My goal is to run 12 5Ks this year and maybe the Women's Running Half Marathon in November but I am not sure if I am ready yet! I am trying to write more blogs for the Patch to improve my writing skills and meet some new people in the community.  I love promoting business, people and ideas and the Patch seems to be the ultimate way to reach out and do this in a hyperlocal way.

Patch: How long have you lived in Land O' Lakes?

Mekdeci: Three years, but Lutz/Tampa my whole life.

Patch: What's you favorite thing about the community?

Mekdeci: Small town feel but access to everything available in the city.  We like living away from the world on the weekends.  But I love that I have Tampa professional sports teams to cheer for: Go Lightning, Rays and Bucs! I try and plan vacations around sporting events so we can support our teams at away games.

Patch: What would you like to see more of? (events, shopping/dining choices, etc.)

Mekdeci: I am definitely looking forward to some new shopping.  The new outlet shops will be fun and may bring some closer dining options as well.  I wish we had more of a mini downtown like Lutz does so we can have more events that brings everyone together.  I love supporting new businesses, especially small family ones so I welcome new entrepreneurs!  I recently attended the grand opening of Shabby Abby’s in Land O’ Lakes and I was excited to see how many people were supporting the business.

Patch: Is there anything you feel the county isn't addressing that you feel needs attention to make Pasco better for residents?

Mekdeci: I wish there was a library closer to my house.  The Land O’ Lakes Branch on Collier is amazing but about 20 minutes from my house.  I know books are on their way out as digital readers take over but I really miss having a library close by.  Also, the turn signal at the corner of 41 and 54 is way too short in the morning! (JK)

Patch: Finish this sentence: If I were an animal I would be _______ because _________.

Mekdeci: If I were an animal I would be a penguin because I wish every day were a formal affair, but maybe a barracuda because I like wearing sparkly things too!

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