Nudists Show the Community They Mean Business

Pasco naturists are spending $2 bills all over town to demonstrate their economic impact on the county.

Pasco nudists are once again banking on $2 bills to show their economic impact on the county, and campaign organizers hope local cash registers will be brimming with funny money.

The Pasco Area Naturist Development Association’s annual $2 bill campaign is in full swing through May 1, and area banks have stocked up on the seldom-used denominations for the cause, PANDA director Louise Richardson said.

“This annual campaign is done with the intention of bringing awareness to local merchants of the impact that naturists have on the local economy,” Richardson said. “This nudist tradition demonstrates the presence of local nudists and the subsequent economic impact we represent to Pasco County.”

The original $2 bill effort began in the mid-1980s and offered proof that naturists support their local economies through their spending, a press release stated. The campaign began again in Pasco County in 2007.

With 10 independently owned naturist and clothing-optional resorts, R.V. parks and campgrounds, as well as dozens of naturist clubs and organizations, and hundreds of nudist-friendly businesses, Pasco is home to the world’s largest population of year-round naturists, according to the release.

That can add up to big business for local merchants, and one local business is returning the favor.

, 21501 Village Lakes Shopping Center in Land O’ Lakes, has posted "We Love $2 Bills! 10% to PANDA" on the restaurant’s marquee.


“A couple years back the naturists started the $2 bill campaign. They wanted to show their buying (and) involvement in the community, so when they patronize businesses in the area they use $2 bills,” restaurant manager Cheryl Will said. “I myself actually collect $2 bills because of a longtime customer of Pizza Villa who used $2 bills as a means for tipping."

The first year it started, Will said she wanted to have some fun with it, so she put it on the restaurant’s marquee. 

“A lot of people questioned that then. I actually had a customer sell me some of her $2 bills she collected because she needed cash and just wanted them to go to me. Another customer who I believe collected them was looking to sell me some to make money. Others just used $2 bills to pay their checks and show their involvement in the community. I enjoyed the extra attention from the marquee but because we live in a naturist community, I was curious to see how many $2 bills would actually be spent at my business. We had a great turnout!”

Will was approached to participate in the campaign again this year, she said. But this time around, she also decided to give back.

Ten percent of purchases made at Pizza Villa with $2 bills will be donated to PANDA.

For more information about PANDA, visit the organization’s website.

dana April 05, 2012 at 01:18 PM
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Larry Bush April 05, 2012 at 08:54 PM
My wife and I have participated in the $2.00 bill campaign in the past, but if it means gettting a break on prices at a restaurant, we may do it again.
Suzanne Beauchaine April 06, 2012 at 08:33 PM
The nudist/naturist communities are a big part of life in Pasco County. As the owner of Classy Consignment, I appreciate their presence and their business. http://www.classyconsignment.info/


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