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Some Nudists Stay In The Closet, Others Do Not

Why many people in our lifestyle "keep it quiet."

I was talking once to a couple who was visiting Paradise Lakes about an incident in which they were on their way to Cypress Cove (a well known clothing optional resort in Kissimmee) for a weekend visit. On their way, they were pulled over by a deputy for a traffic violation.

They said they were mortified that the deputy might have asked them where they were headed, because they were Christians and someone might have somehow found out about their interest in the Nudist lifestyle.

As if the deputy cared and as if he would tell someone they knew if he did!

The Nudist life is not unlike being a member of a religious group or even a minority lifestyle like being gay in many ways. Many Nudists are very secretive about how they sepnd their weekends so freinds, family and employers don't find out. And the clubs themselves respect that right to privacy and forbid photograhy and such on their premises, unless it is previously disclosed for marketing purposes.

There are many others, myself included, who aren't afraid for anyone to know about the lifestyle. If asked about it, they will try to speak about it in a positive manner whenever given the opportunity.

I am not flamboyant about it, but I am not at all concerned about the social ramifications either. There will always be those who have a prurient curiosity about it, (and we weed those people out) and those who truly want to know more about living a more natural life.

Hiding from something that is a big part of my life makes it seem like I'm doing something wrong, and that would not be how I'd want to live. But I do respect those that want to stay in their own closet, as confining as that may be. WE all fit together to make up the Nudist community, just as in any other community.

Thomas Walker July 14, 2011 at 01:42 AM
I have visited Cypress Cove numerous times in the past, I love the lifestyle and dont feel at all embarressed if someone ask me about it. I only wish I had a few local Nudist friends, I dont like going alone since my nuddy buddy moved away. Tom from Orlando.
Rich Pasco July 15, 2011 at 01:16 PM
Lake Como Family Nudist Resort was founded in 1947 on the shore of Moss Lake in Lutz. So why was it named Lake Como? So when its members were asked by friends, "Where are you going this weekend?" they could honestly answer "Lake Como" and the friends would think they were going to Lake Como, FL, 32157 (just north of Crescent City).


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