Summer In Florida: No Better Reason To Be A Nudist

Living without clothing never made more sense.

The summer season is in full force here in Tampa Bay. Whether you've been here for a while or it's your first summer in the area, you're probably asking yourself: "Can it get any hotter than this?"

We all look for ways to cool off and stay cool. Of course, our air conditioners get a good workout (the electric company loves us for it), and some of us are lucky enough to have access to a pool, though the water is close to bathtub temperature right now.

My current job , which I enjoy overall, does require me to be outside most of the time, and we have to wear a uniform made from durable but uncomfortable cloth that makes you sweat even more. The good thing is I go in early at 7 am, so we do get as much done as possible in the morning.

But, by the time I get home, the first thing I want to do is take off every stitch of clothing and remain that way until I have to return to work the next day. It is times like this when I realize that this is how people are supposed to live, just like all the other creatures on earth, with the exception of a few dogs that get dressed up by their owners. If the dogs could talk, they would prefer to stay in their natural state, believe me!

Oh, don't get me wrong, I still sweat if I'm out in the heat, but when you're nude the sweat can naturally help cool your body rather than just soak your clothing. And you can just jump into a pool or take a quick cool shower when the need arises without peeling off sweaty clothing. All you need is a towel to sit on, and just drip dry.

Just as it does make sense to layer up with clothing to stay warmer in the winter (and I do) it also makes sense to not wear anything in the summer! Next time you are all alone, give it a try. Or visit one of the many venues here in Land O' Lakes  and maybe meet some of your neighbors with the same idea ...


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