Old School Care with a Modern Flair Helps Doctor Keep His Patients

Craven Chiropractic has served Land O' Lakes since 1983. But do you know what young Dr. Craven really wanted to be when he grew up?


Need an adjustment? Dr. Michael Craven of Land O’ Lakes has your back.

opened in Land O’ Lakes in March 1983 and has since become a community favorite, taking the runner-up position in

He moved to the area with his wife, Linda, in 1980.

“It was all two lanes and one red light back then,” Craven said. “I just fell in love with the area.”

About that time, the area’s first McDonald’s was in the planning stages—so he opened his first Land O’ Lakes office in close proximity.

“Everybody was all excited. ‘We’re on the map!’ ” he said.

As it heads into its 30th year, the practice has grown and changed locations, but the philosophy that makes it a local favorite hasn’t wavered.

"We put the patients first,” Craven said.

Everyone comes to a doctor with different ideas about what they want and need, Craven said. His goal is to listen to understand those needs and fill them in a way that makes the most sense for a patient.

Craven said he calls to follow up with new patients, and patients are always welcome to email or call him on his cell, he said. He also aims to make scheduling easy, and provides electronic records and an email newsletter that includes health tips as well as personal anecdotes and family stories, personal touches that set his practice apart.

“We’re old-school, hands-on chiropractic with a modern flair,” Craven said.

His wife, Linda, has worked with him for about seven years now. The two share the same goals, making working together a pleasure, she said.

“I just think it’s really important to treat people the way you want to be treated and care about everyone as an individual and not just one day’s patient,” Linda Craven said.

“When you are in a small town, you really have to have that reputation,” Dr. Craven said. “Our practice is referral-driven. To start that process you have to make sure they’re willing to go out on a limb to recommend you.”

When the Cravens aren’t at the office, they are spending time with their six grandchildren.

And one of those kids has his sights set on taking over Craven Chiropractic.

"He says he is going to take my job,” Dr. Craven laughed.

Mason, 4, is a typically rambunctious little guy, Dr. Craven said. But during a recent visit to the office, he was all business.

“He was very astute,” Linda Craven said.

“Like a little intern,” Dr. Craven said.

So what did Dr. Craven himself want to be when he grew up? 

“You mean other than a famous baseball player?” he laughed.

His father was an air traffic controller. “I used to think that was pretty cool.”

But it was always going to be something in medicine or science, Dr. Craven said.

Craven Chiropractic accepts most major insurance. A basic visit for an adjustment costs $45. More information is available on the website, or call 813-996-9800.


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