Tampa-Bound Southwest Jet Veers Off Runway

Southwest Airlines is reporting that the jet "exited" the taxiway this morning.

A Southwest Airlines jet bound for Tampa International Airport from New York veered off the runway today, according to the airline.

Flight 4695, leaving from Long Island, N.Y., drove off the runway, with 129 passengers on board. We don't know yet if any of the passengers are from the Land O' Lakes area. No one was hurt in the incident, the airline reported on its Facebook Page.

The passengers were taken off the plane and bused back to the terminal, where they were scheduled to board another flight for Tampa.

The airlines said that a maintenance crew is exmaning the aircraft for damage.

"The plane's front nose got stuck in the mud after it went off the runway around 7 a.m.," the New York Post reported.

The airlines did not immediately explain why the jet drove off the runway. But snowy weather and high winds have been delaying and cancelling flights throughout the Northeast since Wednesday.

Have you experienced a flight delay or cancellation this week?

Do you know anyone who was on Flight 4695 for Tampa? Let us know in the comments section below.


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