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Torcello's President Leaves for Commack Eatery

After 18 years, Marc Tolkin and team set sights on a new partnership with Olio's in Commack.

Marc and Virginia Tolkin have been working and operating Torcello's Italian Restaurant in East Northport for over 18 years. Marc, Torcello's President, recently left with a large number of staff and joined forces with the already successful eatery Olio Ristorante and Pizzeria in Commack after a dispute with his partner.

"I believe the same magic we had over there will follow us to Olio's, in addition, there is plenty of parking and more room to accommodate our loyal customers," said Tolkin.

No stranger to the restaurant business, Marc spent a dozen years selling products to restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He fell in love with the business after seeing the inner workings of some well known eateries like Carmines, Time Café and Mahattan Grill.

"Seeing my customers and getting to know their families and catching up on their lives is so wonderful," he added.

Marc is excited about teaming up with Olio, owned and operated by a fourth generation restaurant family straight from Sicily. Marc says they truly are the best at what they do and he is honored to work with so many talented people.

When asked about the specialty dish most people ask for, Marc confesses that it's the Farfale Olio: bowtie pasta with shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes and mushroom in a pink cream sauce. He also adds that there are several specialty nights for this recession-friendly dining world: Monday and Tuesdays are Pasta night and for $12.99 every guest gets a fresh cup of home-made soup or salad, their pasta dish and a beverage and dessert. Pollo Night is Wednesdays for $13.99 

The team is currently booking holiday parties both corporate and family parties. 

Marcello says the sign at the front of the restaurant says it all, "Enter As Strangers, Leave As Friends." He is thrilled to join with the Torcello team and their family and he looks forward to meeting new friends through their many clients.

Olio takes all credit cards, large parties are available. They have a Facebook page and a webpage where patrons can find coupons.   www.oliorestaurantny.com

Tom Dewick December 18, 2012 at 01:25 PM
The real owner of Torcellos December 22, 2012 at 12:56 PM
You should check your facts Tolkin was fired for questionable activities was not the president or partner and left with several of the waitresses he is currently as well as Olios being sued for stealing Torcellos proprietary info including customer lists and contacting Torcellos client base . He is a fraud who has been sued for stiffing vendors and friends alike close to 20 times .. He wasn't an owner wasn't the president and the true ownership of Torcellos will be suing this publication for not checking their facts which now will further allow Tolkin to damage Torcellos good name.. If a retraction isnt printed this publication has bought themselves a lawsuit...
FYI December 22, 2012 at 01:37 PM
vera charles December 22, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Unless Maureen Rossi is a Patch employee, I doubt that Torcellos can win their threatened lawsuit. Patch does allow people to post stories, and maybe this demonstrates that they should require such postings to be identified as either "opinion" or "un-verifed by Patch". It was clearly a puff piece, and no sensible person should take it any more seriously than they would a TV infomercial. But, I suppose there are people who even take blog postings as "authoritative" stories, so I guess some folks could be conned on almost anything. Frankly, I've never been to Olios, and don't intend to start going there, but similarly I've never been impressed by Torcellos. They were simply geographically convenient.


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