Pasco Declares State of Emergency

Households that have experienced historical flooding or are still recovering from Tropical Storm Debby are urged to take preventive measures.

The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners has issued a local State of Emergency in preparation for the approach of Tropical Storm Isaac. Residents are urged to update their preparedness plans as rain, wind, and storm surge will be a part of this weather event, which is expected to arrive beginning Sunday evening.

Households that have experienced historical flooding or are still recovering from Tropical Storm Debby are urged to take preventive measures. Rainfall amounts are hard to predict, but three to five inches could be possible, according to the National Weather Service.

The NWS predicts tropical storm winds beginning Sunday night and lasting through Monday. Please be sure to secure items outside of your homes or businesses early Sunday.

There is a potential for storm surge with this weather event coincidental to high tide Monday at 9:30 a.m. The NWS expects a surge of 2 to 5 feet is, which may push seawater on some coastal roads, making them temporarily impassable.

Pasco County's Resident Information Center  is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in order to assist residents and visitors' preparation for the approaching severe weather. The RIC's information line is (727) 847-2411/8959.

Citizens are encouraged to visit the County's Emergency Management webpage to download a Hurricane Guide. On this page are evacuation maps, shelter, and
information for special needs personnel.

To assist in the preparation the County has sand and sand bags at the following locations:

Fire Station # 10, 7918 Rhodes Rd., Hudson

Veterans Memorial Park, 14333 Hicks Rd., Hudson

Fire Station # 17, 2951 Seven Springs Blvd., New Port Richey

Pasco County Public Works Complex, 7530 State Street, New Port Richey

J.W. Mitchell Park, 4025 Little Rd., New Port Richey

Land O' Lakes Recreation Complex, 3032 Collier Parkway, Land O' Lakes

Wesley Chapel District Park, 7727 Boyette Rd., Wesley Chapel

C- Barn on 3906 Warder Rd., San Antonio

Dade City Police Station, 38042 Pasco Ave., Dade City

Fire Station #25, 34335 Chancey Rd., Zephyrhills

Zephyrhills Fire Department 6907 Dairy Rd., Zephyrhills

Citizens must bring their own shovel and are limited to 20 sand bags per household and locations are open until 8 p.m.

To stay updated, citizens are encouraged to sign up for county news alerts by utilizing the "Notify Me" function located on the County's website at http://pascocountyfl.net/List.aspx.

Complete coverage of Tropical Storm Isaac

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