Former 2008 Democratic Candidate For Sheriff Endorses Chris Nocco

Former 2008 Democratic Sheriff's Candidate ask that voters in Pasco County simply look at the facts before casting a vote in the 2012 Pasco County Sheriffs race.

11/1/2012 Jeff K. Deremer, Former Democratic Candidate for Pasco County Sheriff:

I would like to go on record as formally endorsing Chris Nocco for the office of Pasco County Sheriff. As a previous candidate for Sheriff and a 19-year veteran in law enforcement, I stood for applying a proactive approach to policing.

Sheriff Nocco’s implementation of  Intelligence Led Policing has enabled Law Enforcement to begin to take back some of Pasco’s crime ridden neighborhoods. You simply need to look at current crime statistics for this to be proven. 

According to FDLE 2011 statistics Domestic Violence is down, Property Crimes are down and total Violent Crimes are down.  I truly believe that this Sheriff above all others has the ability and knowledge to become the best Sheriff that this county has ever seen.  It has been my experience that current Sheriffs personnel have been rejuvenated. They understand that they now have a leader that will back them when they are doing their job.  No Longer will Grady Judd and Polk County be the center of effective law enforcement leadership, it will now be Pasco County. 

Pasco County Cannot afford to take multiple steps backwards in policing. If we elect Kim Bogart we will be doing just that. We would be electing an official that was hired under one of the most corrupt administrations ever (Jim Gillium).

“In Gillum's first term, the office hired and retained Bogart's then-wife as a secretary even though she had been accused of lying on her application about earning a high school diploma. The incident escaped public scrutiny until a deputy fired for lying on her application about a prior drug test asked legitimately for treatment equal to what was afforded the Bogart family.” (Pasco Times 2008)

Under Lee Cannon the Sheriff’s Office used false data to try and ask for new property tax to hire more Deputies.

“Under Cannon, Bogart headed up accreditation, research and planning for an administration unable to decipher the agency's capabilities and wrongly asked voters for a new tax for personnel needs that fell apart under scrutiny. Exactly what was Bogart doing while others in the department couldn't figure out the number of emergency calls received or how long it took to respond? Bogart can't escape the cronyism and nepotism that permeated the Gillum and Cannon administration.” (Pasco Times 2008)

Mr. Bogart claims to be an expert in corrections accreditation. However he has never worked in any corrections ever. According to FDLE Mr. Bogart has never been certified to work in any Jail or Prison in the State .

“Hired this week for $10,000 a month to turn around the escape-plagued Osceola County Jail, interim Director Kim S. Bogart has not worked before in a jail, state records and interviews show. Bogart has never been certified as a corrections officer to work in any jail or prison in the state, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.” (Orlando Sentinel, April 23rd 2010)

During a debate between myself and Mr. Bogart in 2008, he stated he  would ask that he not be judged by past administrations that he was a part of. As a voter in Pasco County  I ask how else are we to judge him? I ask that the citizens of Pasco County to vote Chris Nocco for Pasco County Sheriff, for a brighter and safer community.

 Jeff K. Deremer

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John Connolly November 03, 2012 at 03:39 PM
I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Deremer's endorsement of Chris Nocco for Pasco County Sheriff. I have been employed by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office for 23 years and have worked with both Kim Bogart and Sheriff Nocco. Sheriff Nocco has the leadership to take the Sheriff's Office into the future whereas Kim Bogart's lack of integrity and knowledge of what law enforcement truly is would be a tragedy for him to be elected as our Sheriff. J. Connolly
Brian Head November 04, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Mr. Bogart has a slogan of "Public Safety, Not Politics." However, Mr. Bogart's latest press conference was nothing more than a political ploy inflicted on the members of the media. He presented half truths and made inferences on information he knew nothing about. His attacks were not in the name of public safety. If it were, he would have ensured he had the facts correct. It seems bizarre to me that candidates can say anything and it seems to be reported as fact in the media even when they are presented with evidence to the contrary. Integrity is the first trait of a good law enforcement officer. Mr. Bogart has repeatedly demonstrated his lack thereof with his antics in the prior administrations coupled with this latest attack. Surely the good citizens of this county will see him for what he truely is, a past problem that was resolved. Brian Head
Ed Beckman November 05, 2012 at 03:04 AM
As a 27 year veteran of the Pasco Sheriff's Office I have seen many changes along the way. I can tell you by my experience electing Mr. Bogart Sheriff would bring the old ways of past administrations of Gillum and Cannon with there motto "Do what I say.. Not as I do". Mr. Bogarts motives for the Office of Sheriff stem more from obtaining power and status than serving the people of our county. I know first hand when Mr. Bogart was a Captain and then Major in the Gillum years how he treated agency members which continued through the Cannon days. I will never forget as a 25 year old Sergeant how when greeted by one of my newer deputies in passing (a simple good morning Captain) Mr. Bogart ignored him as if he didn't matter, I was embarrassed as a supervisor that this was the culture within the agency of a Command Staff member. That was nothing more than a power trip which Mr. Bogart strives for. How you treat people matters, which is the quality character of Sheriff Nocco, a genuine man who truly cares for his members. Sheriff Nocco has brought an energy into the Sheriff's Office that has raised morale, empowered staff, forged partnerships with the city PD's and continues to bridge a positive working relationship with the County Commissioners. I encourage Pasco Voters to support Sheriff Nocco, I can tell you the dedicated men and woman of your Sheriff's Office that work very hard each day keeping Pasco safe do. Ed Beckman


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