Scrambled Egg Surprise

Find out the fate of a mysterious egg.

Let's say someone gave you an egg that she discovered abandoned on the ground in your rural neighborhood.  You can clearly see it is not your garden-variety chicken egg, because it is significantly larger.  And speckled.  What would you do with it, do you think?  Don't feel inadequate if you're not sure, because personally I don't know how I would handle such a delicate situation, either.  But I will tell you this:  my father-in-law knows just what to do with an egg like that.

Turns out, once you've cracked it open and verified its status, you can just add it to some regular old chicken eggs and scramble them all up!  Then you can serve them to your wife for breakfast and you don't even have to tell her that she's eating mystery egg!

We heard about the egg discovery at our last family gathering and that's when my sister-in-law asked her dad what he ever did with that egg.  She was the one who found it and gave it to him, after all.  When he said he ATE it, we were taken aback and, to be honest, a little grossed-out.  But when we found out he covertly fed it to my mother-in-law as well, all the while thinking nothing of it, we were highly entertained, especially because she didn't know it yet.

When she came back within earshot of the conversation, my SIL asked her about the egg.  My MIL said that she saw it on the kitchen counter when it was brought home, but after that, she "never saw it again." 

"Ooohhh, yes you DID!!!" my SIL exclaimed gleefully, as we all laughed uproariously.  And by uproariously, I mean that my eyes were so filled with tears that I had to ask one of my children to fetch me a tissue.  And we told her she ate the egg.  She was as shocked as we were, but luckily not too fazed by it, ultimately.

Of course, then we had to figure out what kind of egg it was, so upon further investigation with the help of Google, it appears to have been a peacock egg (or a peahen, if you will).  That's not so bad.  Actually kinda cool.  So they can tentatively scratch "eat a peacock egg" off their bucket lists.  But only with a question mark since it hasn't been scientifically confirmed.  Anyway, it just goes to show you, some people really will eat anything.

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