Appealing To A Younger Crowd: A Must For Area Nudist Resorts

Marketing to a younger demographic is important to all businesses, including Nudists.

I have been enjoying living the Nudist lifestyle for over 16 years now, having my first visit to a Nudist swim in Ohio when I was 45. I can remember wanting to be part of the lifestyle since I was in my teens, but it never actually happened until I was in my 40s, partially due to to fact that my ex-wife was not interested in trying (and I respected that) and that before the Internet it was frankly difficult to find and gain access to Nudist venues.

But there is another factor that keeps a lot pf younger people from dipping their toes into the clothing-free waters.

When we are very young, say toddler age, we have no body shame or inhibitions about being nude, as a rule. But when the teen years arrive, and after many yeras of our parents telling us we must be ashamed of our bodies, we become too self -conscious  of our appearance to enjoy the freedom that being nude allows.

We get busy starting our careers and raising families to think much about being truly relaxed in a clothes-free state. Even if we fantasize about it, we put it off until "someday" which for many of never comes.

The community I live in, Paradise Lakes, was started in 1981 and many people who still live here after 30 years, raised their families here. Now those people are in their 50s and 60s (and older) and the average age here is around 55 or so by my estimate. This is a national trend as I understnad it, so the people who market our lifestyle need to appeal to a younger group of people somehow, or there may not be  a resort for everyone to enjoy.

It's not easy selling the positive aspects of our life without resorting to cheap tactics that  make it look like a swinger's paradise. Of course, people in that segment of our lifestyle are part of community but they certainly aren't the primary reason we live this life.

Being open to all aspects of our society is  what we are really all about, and that is the message we need to sell. In order for real growth to occur, in the long term, we have to set this example. Then maybe the younger crowd will want to bring themselves and their families to experience true freedom of spirit and body.

Larry Bush July 01, 2011 at 09:37 PM
Mike, I think many people, with the possible exception of those who were raised as nudists, are not ready to be nudists until they are a bit more mature than the average teenager. If the nudists communities only attract those who are over 30, that would not be a problem. People who come to resorts thinking that the women are all sluts and the men are all predators are exactly what nudism does not need.
Rene Van Hout July 02, 2011 at 04:03 PM
Swingers have definitely destroyed the true nudist image.
Larry Bush July 03, 2011 at 05:27 AM
There was a time when the establishment of "resort" amenities at a nudist site was deemed to "destroy" the nudist image because nudists were "back to nature" people. There are swingers in all walks of life. They are in entertainment, academia, politics, and religion. There is no "true nudist image" and I think that is what has people so bewildered about nudism. Nudists are a cross-section of humanity.
G Brian July 16, 2011 at 03:53 AM
Unfortunately there is a generational divide. It seems older nudists have an unwritten nudist rule book that they expect everyone to know about and live by. Sites such as TrueNudists illustrate this in their forums postings. Older nudists seem to frown on or openly try to forbid anything that violates "the nudist code". The forum is filled with discussions on all manner of ways the human body can be "customized". Posting about tattoos, shaving and body jewelry spark heated debate with a fairly clear divide between the generations regarding the acceptability of these adornments. Unless these adornments become unpopular in the general population, you can and should expect them to show up at nudist venues, if you want to attract younger clientele. Prohibiting the display of such things at nudist venues forces younger nudists to choose whether to conform to the old guards rules or hang out with friends who accept them as they are. As anyone who has ever raised kids knows, peer pressure is stronger than any parental control. That's not to say they can't be won over, but it's going to have to be on terms that are agreeable to the market you are trying to court.
Larry Bush July 16, 2011 at 12:33 PM
To add to G. Brian's posting, there have been nudists who have actively opposed the way some nudists carry themselves. One such complaint was that a nude woman was sitting cross-legged, and another woman found it offensive. By the way, the woman who was sitting cross-legged is in her fifties; the offended woman is in her thirties. That is just an example. My observations have determined that young nudists are more inhibited than older ones. As far as I am concerned, it is none of my business how a nudist adorns him or herself, as long as they do not have a problem with how I adorn myself.


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