Local Girl Uses 8th Birthday to Help Shelter Pets

Selena Schulz recently celebrated her 8th birthday. For her birthday Selena wanted to collect donations for local animal shelters instead of gifts! Here is what she will get to donate because of her friends and family: 121.5 lbs of dry dog food, 62 lbs of dry cat food, 48 dog toys, 39.5 lbs of dog bones, $38.00 in donations, 36 bags of dog treats, 24 towels, 22 cans of cat food, 20 lbs of cat litter, 12 cans of dog food, 12 bags of cat treats, 12 blankets, 9 cat toys, 6 pkgs of small animal treats, 5 pet bedding, 4 collars, 3 pillow cases, 3 dog beds, 3 food/ water bowls, 2 pillows, 2 brushes, and 1 leash!

Instead of goodie bags for gifts at her party, we decided to have a mock animal adoption. Selena chose small plush kittens, dogs, and bunnies. We created little collars and made little tags for each animal that said, "Selena's 8th birthday", and with a slogan that Selena came up with, "Shelter Animals Make Great Pets". As each child left the party Selena stood behind boxes filled with the animals with homemade signs on each, and asked her friends which animal they would like to adopt. Each child even got an Adoption Certificate to take home with them. Way to go Selena!!


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