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It's free and easy. Here's how it works.

As editor of Land O’ Lakes Patch, I receive lots of emails each day from local clubs, schools, businesses and government offices. Most of these messages are news releases or invitations to events.

Some of the events are repeating, such as club meetings or weekly classes, and so it only takes a few extra key strokes to make these reappear on the right dates on our calendar.

It also helps that most of the announcements are so well-written that they really don't need editing to be ready for publishing on Patch.

I don't want Patch's readers to miss out on attending an event in the community, whether it be a yard sale, book club potluck dinner or a local pub's craft beer brewing class.

I also don't want Patch's readers to miss out on knowing which of our neighbors received an award, earned a college scholarship or started a not-for-profit organization that needs volunteers.

That's where you come in!

It's super easy to post events and announcements on Patch. It's also free, and you don't need me as the middle(wo)man to get it accomplished.

How to post an event on Patch:

  1. Log in to Land O’ Lakes Patch.
  2. Locate the navigation bar at the top of the page. Click on Events.
  3. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner. Click "Put it on the Calendar” to add the new event to the calendar.
  4. Enter your Event title, date, time, applicable publication, description, categories, publish date, and any additional information. You would like to share.
  5. Once you have confirmed you have entered all the event details, click "Post my Event" located at the bottom of the page.

How to post an Announcement on Patch:

  1. From the Land O’ Lakes Patch home page, look for the Announcements section under the News tab. From there, click the "Announce it to Everyone!” button in the upper right corner.
  2. Now, enter a title, select a category, write a description, upload photos and/or videos and enter a location.
  3. When you click "Post My Announcement," it becomes live on the site and available for anyone to find.

There are a lot of things you can publish on Patch as an event or an announcement.

About the only thing that you can't post are items that are obviously advertising a business; however, if your business is hosting an event, by all means, post it!

This Patch is your Patch. It's designed to make life ridiculously easy for you and your neighbors. Use the site to connect with your community, your friends and your friends-to-be.

Have questions? Give me a shout. And if you would like to see your event or announcement featured prominently on the site and shared through social media, make sure you add a relevant photo and then send me an email so I know right away. I will do my best to feature it and help you get the word out.


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