Run, Hide, Fight Video Could Save Lives, Sheriff Says

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco is impressed by a video that gives tips on how to survive an active shooter incident by running, hiding or fighting.

What should you do if someone comes to your workplace with a gun and starts shooting at people?

A video that answers that question caught Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco’s attention recently.

The city of Houston produced the video called "Run, Hide Fight—Surviving an Active Shooter Event," which gives tips on how to avoid death when someone with a gun walks into a workplace, movie theater or other crowded location and opens fire.

Nocco liked the video's message so much, he asked Houston for permission to create a version just for Pasco County residents. That video, with an introduction by Nocco, is now posted on the sheriff's office's Facebook and YouTube pages

The sheriff's office also is reminding residents that 12 people died and 58 were injured in the July 20 shooting at a showing of “Dark Knight Rises” at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater.

"This video provides an excellent source of information so Pasco County citizens can be prepared should this unlikely event happen here," said Nocco in a press release. "While the chances of this happening are very remote, the shooting that happened in Colorado is a reminder that this can happen anywhere and we should all be prepared."

The video, which was made with the help of funding from the Department of Homeland Security, recommends getting out of the location first and foremost.

Get out and help others to leave, but do not let them slow you down if they are indecisive, the video suggests. Leave your possessions behind. Once you are out of the danger zone, stop others from entering the area.

It also offers advice on hiding. Lock and block the door to your area, the video suggests. Silence your cell phone, hide behind large objects and stay quiet.

It also gives advice on how to fight a shooter as a last resort. It suggests attempting to incapacitate the shooter, acting with aggression using things around you as improvised weapons and committing to take the shooter down, no matter what.


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