Library Board Appoints New Corporate Counsel

Long-time resident Frank Tennant will take over the post.

The Library Board announced Monday that it is appointing lawyer Frank Tennant as its new corporate counsel as part of a "new management direction."

Mark Albers, the Board president, made the announcement in a press release, which is copied in full below.


Tennant, who is a former president of the and corporate counsel to the park district, will attend board meetings to provide legal advice, Albers said in the release, "as is the practice with the Village and boards in Morton Grove and is common in other government bodies."

Tennant is a partner in the Chicago lawfirm Wolf & Tennant.

Here is the full text of the release:

Morton Grove Library Board Announces New Management Direction  

The Board of Trustees of Morton Grove’s Library announces  the appointment of  long-time Morton Grove resident Frank Tennant as the Library’s Corporation Counsel.   

Morton Grove, IL  July 25, 2011 – The Morton Grove Public Library Board has taken its first steps in moving in a new direction announcing the retention of attorney Francis Tennant as the  library's new Corporation Counsel.  

In choosing the law firm of Wolf and Tennant, the board is pleased to retain Partner Frank Tennant, a long-time resident of Morton Grove who has practiced law for more than 30 years.  Tennant has extensive  experience  with local units of government and other community organizations, including serving as the Corporation Counsel for the Morton Grove Park District.  Tennant is also a former President of the Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce.  

“The only constant in life is change, but to truly move forward - change is necessary,” stated Mark Albers, Morton Grove Library Board President.  “Morton Grove is fortunate to have Frank Tennant’s professional services to help guide and counsel the Board.”  

Tennant will bring a seasoned professional to the Library and will provide experienced legal counsel to Library Board Meetings, as is the practice with the Village and Park District boards in Morton Grove and is common in other government bodies.  In this position as corporate counsel,. Tennant will attend Library Board Meetings to advise on legal issues and questions and represent the Library in legal proceedings and advise the Board of changes to Village, County, State and Federal law affecting operations.  

“I'm proud of this opportunity to represent my community and lend my experiences in local government to the Morton Grove Public Library,” says Tennant. 

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Robert K. Elder July 29, 2011 at 03:14 PM
A reminder, folks, to please keep things civil. Our Acceptable Use Policy states that a Patch user may not post or transmit content that is “defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane or offensive.” Posts that approach or cross this line will be taken down. Thank you, Robert K. Elder, Patch Regional Editor
Casey Faust July 29, 2011 at 04:06 PM
Mr. Kansoer, You have made it abundantly clear over and over and over again that you have great disdain for the previous board. We have read that in number publications and you have stated your opinion repeatedly on Patch. We get your point of view. There are many points of view here and once said, I do believe, we can understand them. They do NOT need to be repeated over and over and over. Like I said earlier, I really want to hear or see some kind of movement from the current board besides costing the taxpayer a LOT of money for council at each board meeting and more money to buy out the directors contract, what darn direction they plan to make the library accessible to ALL residents. What improvements have been started or are the planning stages so that ALL Morton Grove residents can use OUR library?
Pat Craig July 29, 2011 at 04:13 PM
Ms. Faust, I have disdain for any "public servant" who fails to serve. I have contempt for any elected official who shows contempt for those they are supposed to represent. I have a pretty good handle on our 1st. amendment right to free speech, (as well as an understanding of the rest of the Constitution) and I will not be silenced nor shouted down. I clearly label facts as facts and opinions as opinions. "Feelings" aren't facts and the fact is that I will keep digging until I satisfy myself that all the facts are out there for all to see.
Eric M Poders July 29, 2011 at 06:45 PM
Laura you may want to get your attorney husband to subpoena this publication and find out for yourself as alot of us would like to know who all of these trolls are. Clark Kent in particular, what a flake. Oh, but wait, that may be a conflict of interest as you write for "Patch"..........
Eric M Poders July 29, 2011 at 06:46 PM
Renee is that really you speaking or another library board trustee? http://www.northshorevoice.org/mgplexecutivesession111110.MP3


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