Pasco County Wants to Hear from You Land O' Lakes

Officials are seeking feedback they can use in making decisions that affect Pasco's future.

Land O' Lakes residents have their chance to weigh in as county government officials launch a multifaceted community outreach effort to garner feedback about a variety of issues.

The county’s citizen survey is designed to provide resident feedback officials can use as they make decisions that will affect Pasco’s future. The goal of the effort, according to a county media release, is to “find out what works and what needs improvements.”

The survey effort involves three main components:

  • The National Research Center will mail 1,200 surveys to a random sampling of residents throughout the county in the coming days.
  • An online survey is available that allows all residents to let their voices be heard.
  • A series of public meetings will be held throughout the county. Central Pasco residents can attend a March 22 meeting at the . The meeting takes place from 7 to 9 p.m.

Opinions Matter, Officials Say

With the county facing a $6.1 million budget shortfall, opinions from residents are needed now more than ever before, officials say.

“This is the residents' county,” said Commissioner Pat Mulieri. “Input is important. The people are the boss(es).”

While Mulieri acknowledges that residents are often too busy to engage in county government, she said the outreach effort is designed to make it easier for them to share their input and that input does count.

“Having comments, negative and positive, helps the board of county commissioners in making decisions,” she said.

Michele Baker, the county’s chief assistant administrator, echoed Mulieri’s sentiments about the importance of gaining feedback from the community.

“It is very important that we get the widest possible participation as the input from the surveys is used to help prioritize spending cuts and budget allocations, develop annual business plan initiatives, and most importantly the data is considered by the Board in development of their Strategic Plan for the county.”

For more information or to take the online survey, visit the county’s website. The survey costs the county just under $14,000 to conduct, plus staff time, but provides feedback that is relied upon during the budgeting process, officials said.


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