Pasco Democrats Ask Voters to Say No to All But 1 Amendment

The party voted earlier this month to oppose all of the state legislature's ballot amendments, the Times reports.

Pasco Democrats are urging voters to say no to most of the amendments on the November ballot—the only exception being the Penny for Pasco sales tax, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The county Democratic Party voted earlier this month to oppose all of the legislature's ballot amendments, which they called "bad policy pushed by Republican lawmakers," according to the Times.

But there's a problem: Voters will have to trudge through 11 legislative amendments before they get to Penny for Pasco, which means some voters may skip it altogether.

"That's not good for the Penny for Pasco," Party chairman Lynn Lindeman told the Times.  "The Penny for Pasco is very important. I'm afraid it's going to get lost in the mass of legislative amendments."

The Penny for Pasco is a local government surtax originally passed by voters in 2004. It remains in effect through Dec. 31, 2014. The amendment on November's ballot seeks to extend it for another 10 years.

Proceeds from the penny tax are distributed between the school board, municipalities and Pasco County government. See the full breakdown on the Penny for Pasco page on the county's website.


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