Paws for Reflection: City Animal Control Seeks Blankets

Keep abreast of what's going on with the New Port Richey Animal Protection Unit.

Want to know what’s been going on with New Port Richey’s effort to handle its own animal control within the city limits?

The city Animal Protection Unit is the group of volunteers performing animal control with oversight from the New Port Richey Police Department.

Sharon McReynolds, its volunteer coordinator, is keeping folks abreast of the unit's activity on its Facebook page.

The Animal Protection Unit has now been active for one month. Currently, the effort focuses on dog control, mostly, although it has also taken in injured cats.

And it has already been keeping busy. McReynolds says the unit is now seeking blankets and other coverings to keep animals warm in cold weather. It has also sought large Kurunda beds for dogs.

The unit also posts alerts on its Facebook page about dogs it has recovered, but it does not post photos until an owner claims the pet so that the owner has to identify them.

Here are McReynold's updates about what's going on with her pet project:

Oct. 30

  • With the weather getting colder, we desperately need blankets, quilts and bedspreads. Can be dropped off at our office at the Police Department (6739 Adams St, NPR) or at Advanced Healthcare Alternatives (5404 Main St. NPR). THANKS !!!
  • We have an older lab in our shelter who is very depressed and is missing it's Mom or Dad. We are looking for the owner. It was found off US 19 near the bridge. If this big guy is yours or you know who it belongs to, please contact us. We would like to get 'em home.
  • We currently have a young shepherd mix in our kennel. We are looking for it's owner. It was found off of Congress in Orchid Lake. If anyone is missing this guy or know someone who is, please contact us immediately.

Oct. 27


We are proud to partner with Finalists Liz and Doogie on their quest to win the BENEFUL Dream Dog Park Contest. To show our support, we will sponsor their “Woofabration Rally” on Saturday, November...3rd. We will have the added benefit to be doing this as part of Pasco Kids First – Family Fun Day. Doogie and his Mom, Liz will be our Guest Stars ! If they win, Beneful will build a $500,000 dream dog park right here in New Port Richey !!!!

We need your support and your votes. From now to Nov. 7th, please go to the site every day and vote :

We can’t wait to see the creation of “Doogie in Wonderland” and are honored and elated to be a part of Liz and Doogie’s big win !

Oct. 16

"I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man" ~M. Gandhi (1869-1948)

ANIMAL CRUELTY IS A CRIME ! Abandoning an animal to the streets because it is sick and you can't afford treatment is a form of cruelty. Those caught abandoning an animal will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We at the New Port Richey Animal Protection Unit are here to protect these animals and be their voice.

Oct. 17

We have been asked if there was a reason for yesterday's post. Yes. We currently have a severely emaciated, sick female bulldog. Her ear infections are so bad they were bleeding. Her eyes were draining from infection and almost swollen shut. You can see all of her ribs. Despite all of that, we told her she was now safe and we would take good care of her and she immediately calmed down and gave lots of kisses. The injured cat who was taken in, was in even worse condition. She had terrible eye infections, was so sick she could not eat on her own and too weak to use the litter box and would lay in her own urine and feces. After medications, hand feeding and gentle handling, yesterday she started to meow and used the litter box on her own. Seeing such sad animals recover is why we chose to open this Unit. Animals do not always need to be euthanized because they are ill.Once recovered all these 2 will need is a good, LOVING forever home.

Editor's note: It has not been said whether those animals taken in were claimed by owners yet. The Animal Protection Unit can be called at 727- 841-4550, Ext. 141,. In an emergency, call police dispatch at  727- 841-4550.


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