Timing on Political Addresses Excludes Some Viewers

The 9 p.m. start time for debates and political addresses is too late for some.

While many voters across the nation tuned into watch the Rlast night, some felt the hour was too late.

Sam Ward, 74, of the Central Pasco Republican Club was turned off by last night’s start time.

“Normally, I seldom stay up past 9 p.m.; last night was no exception,” Ward wrote in an email.

He was able to catch a rebroadcast in the morning though.

“I was disappointed that, for the most part, the majority of the questions were addressed to Romney and Gingrich – at least it seemed that way,” he said. “Also, I would have preferred more answers from the candidates with specific solutions. For example, Romney listed seven steps to bring American back to a thriving economy. A good answer. Paul, bless his heart, always gave specific answers; but, admittedly, not fully supported by most of the American public.”

The debate’s specifics aside, Ward says the start time is just too late.

Tonight’s State of the Union address also begins at 9 p.m.

Will Ward tune in?

Past his bedtime or not, he says no.

“As for the State of the Union Address, it doesn’t matter to me when it is broadcast, I have heard it before and feel that it would be a waste of time to watch," he said.


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