Village Begins Groundwork on 2012 Budget

Trustees expected to vote on fiscal year 2012 budget at Dec. 12 meeting.

Morton Grove has started work on its fiscal year 2012 budget, which begins on Jan. 1 and officials say they are on solid ground, as reported by the Morton Grove Champion.

“Revenue exceeded expectations,” Finance Director Ryan Horne told the Champion. “Expenses came under budget, so we had a $91,000 surplus.”

The budget is expected to be approved by village trustees during the Dec. 12 village board meeting.

In previous years, the village has addressed the general fund as well as water and structural improvements. Some of those improvements included street construction, replacing a salt dome and storm water and sewer improvements.

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Tony Kovacs September 01, 2011 at 03:29 AM
Interesting thing about Social Security COLA. When the cost of living (with the complicated formula used) goes up, so does the SS check. But when the cost of living declines, the SS check does not go down and stays the same, but that issue is not raised by anyone. Surprise! And I am sure we will next hear how many things seniors use is not correctly represented by the COLA calculation. But retired seniors use some COLA items less. No cost of going to work, less work clothes, lunches at home not dining out, ability to get discounts at movies, etc.
sherwin dubren September 01, 2011 at 05:51 AM
Karen, You are fortunate in having had a well to do grandmother. My parents had to scrape to send me and my brother to state universities. You should be aware that not every senior in MG is well off. Actually, I live in Main Township, along with a lot of other Morton Grover's who live west of Harlem. We call it the West Side of town. I suggest you check with AARP who handles the Medicare Rx Plan for the State of Illinois. They have helped me with some very expensive medicines, so I don't know why they would hold back on the Albuterol Inhaler. Wonder if Tony is planning to skip old age somehow. I have news for him. Unless he meets an untimely demise, he will someday be a senior. I suggest he starts to save up now because we probably will see all senior assistance vanish in the future. Seniors pay more for health insurance, which is climbing out of sight. They share in the same burdens as others for things like home heating and AC. The small COLA increase for 2012 will probably be wiped out by a corresponding increase in Medicare fees. I will bet the bank that Tony is a Republican. The lines on COLA are pretty much defined by which political party is commenting.
karen erickson September 01, 2011 at 01:44 PM
Sherwin, the Coast2Coast Rx program is open TO ALL, not just Niles Township. Forgive me for assuming that you were in said Township. I do know seniors that are struggling, just not in MG and I also see WHY they are. Seems to me, when money is tight, one makes adjustments. One senior I know personally, has done nothing but spend money on JUNK. No savings, no nothing..but eats out regularly and buys nonessential crap for her apartment (knick knacks). I also know sacrifice, my deceased mother used to sew her own clothes (mine also until about age 10) and we got by on 1 income (my father didn't want my mother working until we were in HS). Your generation is the "spoiled" generation, expecting (entitlement) others to support you. There will be nothing left for us boomers (and later generations) if this attitude doesn't change. Are you aware that today's senior can eat their way to obesity and have MEDICARE pay for gastric bypass? Your side of town (West MG) managed to get rid of MG's cash cow, namely ABT. My brother took a big hit in '09, seeing his salary cut in half yet his bills and mortgage remained the same (he also lives in MG). This dialog could go on forever with no resolution.
Tony Kovacs September 01, 2011 at 01:45 PM
Seymour, I am a senior! But I consider the needs of society and not narrow self interest. Try it. Maybe all your other assumptions are equally flawed! Tony
sherwin dubren September 01, 2011 at 04:16 PM
Karen, Where did you get the idea that the West End people were responsible for losing ABT? The negotiations were handled by the Action Party, who are made up of residents from all parts of MG. Tuni, Well, you seem to have all the answers. We don't have to worry about low income people and those out of work. They are just showing self interest with their problems. Let them take care of themselves and quit bugging the rest of us.


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