Virus Prompts Closure of County Animal Shelter

It will likely reopen on July 9.

File photo. (Patch.com)
File photo. (Patch.com)

Pasco County Animal Services in Land O’ Lakes has closed after four dogs tested positive for Parvovirus, a canine virus.

According to a Pasco County news release, the dog adoption area is off limits to the public until July 9, pending no further outbreaks.

Parvovirus is considered very contagious in the canine community.

“The best way to help prevent dogs from getting or transmitting the virus is to vaccinate,” the county said in the release. “Dogs that come into the shelter are evaluated and examined, and given vaccinations for Parvovirus. However, the virus has a 3-12 day incubation period, so that dogs that are infected with Parvovirus can test negative during the incubation period.”

No other details were immediately available.

The shelter was in the news earlier this week. It had come under fire by Pasco County Commissioner Pat Mulieri, who said, among other problems, a black lab was scheduled for euthanasia because of a lack of space. 

Nicki Rowsell June 27, 2013 at 01:08 PM
Such a shame. They have problems with this virus quite often.
Susan Squires June 28, 2013 at 04:19 PM
This is not the first time this has happened. They need to be educated about how to keep a shelter clean. Now the excuse is Parvo outbreak so they can kill as many as possible and not seem like the insensitive individuals that they obviously are. Pasco needs to be wiped clean of the present employees and get new management. A new vet would be in order too ! Sometimes it can take up to a week or two to get a pet that's been adopted out of there. In the meantime they cry " out of space " as many wait to be neutered and spayed so they can get their freedom. It seems to me that if they truly want "save 90" a better job needs to be done to move the adopted. The cats get no time at all. If anyone thinks their cat is going to get out of their alive when they selfishly surrender it then they better think again. This is a high kill shelter and is on the " Wall of Shame."


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