Craigslist Finds in Land O’ Lakes Include Jukebox, Grinch

Your roundup of unusual, useful or great deals on Craigslist listed by area residents.

Make a Cool Statement

  • Camoflauge  If you don't want to be seen, these people have you covered (pun intended).  These insulated coveralls are in perfect condition and would work for a child or a small woman.
  • Cabela's Insulated Underwear  If you're looking for insulated underwear, but you don't want the bad kind, this is the way to go.
  • Ode to Leatherface  If you're going to own a chainsaw, I really think you should have one that says "Wild Thing" on it.  Just sayin'.
  • Barter Opportunity  Are you a tattoo artist by any chance?  If so, this is your lucky day.  Especially if your computer is in need of repair.   is looking to exchange a tattoo for computer services.

Wish List

  •   If you're not interested in this good deal for yourself, I'm adding this to my wish list (hint, hint) because Christmas is coming.
  • Paintball Gun  I have recently been advised by a 12-year-old that I need to try paintball.  So I have added it to my bucket list.  And it is much more cost-effective to buy a gun rather than rent one.
  • For the die-hard Grinch fan - handmade wood Grinch Christmas decoration.  Especially for the Grinch fan who has everything.
  • Jukebox, baby!  'Nuff said.  


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