Go Vote!

Go Vote. It's important and it matters.

The country is divided. Pollsters are everywhere. People are taking sides. I think we're down to about 50 people in Ohio who are undecided. It's time to Vote. If you haven't taken the opportunity to vote early, then vote today. Wait in line. Get there before 7 and your vote will count.

And with that being said, I ask this of you, Land o Lakes. When the vote is over... accept it, one way or another. If you're not happy with who lands the seat for the next four years, then start early on the quest for the White House in 2016. Get more involved. Understand both sides better - and not just the parts you like or dislike. Each candidate has a following, and with that following comes another viewpoint. You may not agree with another's views, but taking the time to understand why those views occur would lessen the decisive division in this country. We need to bring back unity from coast to coast. Remember post 9/11? It didn't matter if you were Democrat or Republican - what mattered was that you were American. Love thy neighbor. Let's put the negativiity behind us and lets enjoy whatever comes to us, becuase lets face it, this economy is getting better no matter who is in office. 

The President doesn't make jobs, WE make jobs. When I go to the mall, or Publix, or wheverelse I travel to, there is NEVER a free parking space up front. People are shopping again. People are out and about. This will continue to occur. The dark dismal days are behind us. 

Now, if American Idol and The Voice have shown us, people love to vote. They LOVE it. So get out and Vote. And let me say this... if you've picked up the phone to vote for one of your favorite contestants on a reality TV show- but are still undecided and/or considering not voting today- you need a reality check. Every vote matters, every vote counts. Go do your part.

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