Local Patch Bloggers Respond to Newtown Shooting

From Land O' Lakes to Bloomingdale, bloggers from the 23 Patch sites in Tampa Bay are responding with their own local voices.

When the tragic shooting occurred in Newtown, Conn., the conversation across the country began about school safety, gun control and mental health care. Some of the most vocal advocates in all of Tampa Bay took to blogs right here on Patch to share their opinions.

Here is a compilation of many of the blogs that were submitted to the 23 Patch sites in Tampa Bay in the past week. We hope it provides a look at the various opinions of residents across Tampa Bay and sparks a conversation among readers and bloggers alike.

America in Need of Revival - Jeff Lukens, Bloomingdale Patch

"We live in and age of unbelief. We live with America in decline. We are no longer the America of our founders, or even the America that existed twenty years ago."

 - David Conkle, Bradenton Patch

"If not now, then when do we as a nation address the very serious problem and public health issue of gun violence in America?"

Gun Rights Advocates Need to Grow Up, Christopher Nank, Carrollwood Patch

"The rhetoric of those rushing in to defend their cherished right to own and bear arms is increasingly juvenile."

9 Tips to Handle Sandy Hook Questions - Heather Lambie, Clearwater Patch

"Tips and conversation guidelines for parents to help their children cope with the news of Sandy Hook."

Gun Control: The Consensus of Good People - David Conkle, Gulfport Patch

"How do we tell the next parent who loses a child or loved one that there is nothing to be done?"

Need for Adequately Funded Mental Hospitals -  Land O' Lakes Patch

"We must revisit the reopening and adequate funding of our State Mental Hospitals and reception centers."

Solution for Assault Weapons, Jeri Cushman, Sarasota Patch

"NRA members can do something about the murderous assault weapons. Resign from the NRA!"

Has the Media Massacred the Massacre?, Gene "Doc" Webb - St. Pete Patch

"The news media need to step back and get out of the circus business and back in the news business."

, Henry Louis - South Tampa Patch

"Can the recent massacre in Connecticut really be blamed on the absence of God in the school?"

More on Patch Blogs

Many of your local Patch sites are celebrating their 2-year anniversary this month, since launching in December of 2010. In those two years, blogs from local residents just like you have become a great way to connect with the views and opinions of people in each town. If you would like to join the conversation, you can sign up for your own blog on Land O' Lakes Patch. You can share your thoughts and views on anything you like, from finding local shopping bargains to politics to cooking or dog walking. A blog on Patch is your chance to share whatever you would like with your neighbors.


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