Doctor's In: The silent majority always wins!

Both parties need to control their extremists and move toward the center to solve America's problems.

At the end of the classic movie, The Magnificent 7, the late Yul Brynner laments that we always lose, it's the farmers that win. That's very profound, it can also be said, that it is never the extremists of either party that get their way but those, unspoken and unseen voters who see though the manure and craziness and sensibly vote for what is right. Frankly, that is the only force that has kept this country viable for decades.

In spite of conservative pundits claiming the dollar will go to zero, it has never been stronger. The stock market continues its "Bull" ride upward. Both gold and silver are rapidly sliding to lower more sensible levels, in spite of the hoopla by Obama haters that gold was heading to $5,000.00 an ounce. I am not making this up; just follow the markets. I continue to bet on the markets and I have the profits to prove it.

Both Democrat and Republican parties have "life support" problems.  Supporters don't trust them.  Extremists are ruling the day in both parties and the result is a growing number of independent voters. I am one of them. Both parties need to move toward the center and advocate for sanity.  The Republicans are in much worse shape than the Democrats but neither has bragging rights.

The first order of the day for Republicans, and it is a painful one, is to send the Tea Party and the religious right-wing packing. It will be costly but it will allow the party to regroup with sensible moderates that will find acceptance with the independent voter. No politician will win important elections in the future without the independent voter.

The Democrats have to return to their basic ideals understanding and supporting the importance of the balance between necessary government services and the partnership with the private sector.  Both are needed to sustain a growing middle class.  Slashing government jobs is not the way to improve spending and reduce unemployment.  The private sector can only do so much to hold the economy together. 

That's a formula that has worked and should not be abandoned. I call this part one of Yacht's rule for this country to get beyond gridlock. Stay tuned!

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Mary in LOL February 22, 2013 at 12:46 PM
...more Not YOUR definition of centrist. The real definition: Equidistant between left and right and anarchy and collectivism. The opposite of collectivism is anarchy - no central government or power. The closest example I can think of is, the internet. Millions of people on hundreds of thousands of servers around the globe, and no central governing authority. The United States was not founded as a collectivist society. It is actually north of true centrist, a Republic with a Libertarian bent. Our Constitution sharply limits the Federal Government and gives almost unlimited power to the individual and States. There are no provisions for our government to own or control the means of production, or oversee education, or give grants to farmers, or support the disabled. Our government exists to protect the rights of the individual, guard our borders, and establish trade with friendly nations - and not much more. A true centrist position falls somewhere between the state doing everything for us, and the state doing nothing for us at all. It balances personal liberty with economic conservatism. Marc, what would you say to me if I said, germs are nonsense! Bleeding a patient, having them smoke a cigarette, and swallow radium, are, in my opinion, sound medical practice! You would tell me that these ideas are outdated - they have been tried, found lacking and even dangerous, and abandoned decades ago. Collectivism ALWAYS sounds great, and ALWAYS fails.
Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH February 22, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Your comments show an indepth understanding of ideologies. No argument. I favor a blending that seeks solutions to continue a viable society. As seen by stock market fluctuations we need Social Security to assure a decent living standard for our seniors. We need Medicare, I remember when we didn't have it and low income seniors had no decent access to health care. Here we may differ. I strongly support the government regulating banks and other fnancial markets and if necessary running essential services that have no place for a profit motif. Such as, National and State Parks, the Post office, Education, and Health Care. There are others. The profit motif of the private sector is corrupting when it comes to essential services. As always your comments are very well argued and have impacted my views on a number of issues. I have a greater trust of government than many of those who oppose my point of view. I worked in Goverment services for 25 years. Of course it was civil service with a minimum of polical hacks. Unfortunately in Florida, since my retirement, the system I worked so proudly in for so many years has been seriously damaged by Republican conservatives. Whatever our point of view the largest danger the nation faces relate to corruption exploding at many levels of goverment and obscene profiteering in the private sector. There's a need to clean house in both private and goverment sectors. I am not optimistic. My best as always. Marc
Mary in LOL February 22, 2013 at 07:00 PM
Marc, I always enjoy our discussions. It is nice to debate someone with opposing views in a civil manner. If you and I were creating a new government, then socialist programs would have a place at the table. But we are not creating a new government. We are working within the framework of an existing government that considered and rejected a powerful Federal authority at its inception. I once asked if your solution was to remove our current government and establish something that has the legal authority to do what you want. That was a bit tongue in cheek because the fact is, our government almost immediately usurped powers not granted to it and built a behemoth Federal State. Nathan Kleffman, a Libertarian candidate, wrote an interesting article about America's road to collectivism. http://www.nathankleffman.com/2011_12_01_archive.html Politicians gain power by creating problems and then offering a solution that can only come from the government. Inflation and taxation robbed people of the personal savings and property they needed to fund their elderly unproductive years. The government's solution was Social Security. The government created the Federal Reserve, the Fed's poor monetary policy created the Great Depression, and FDR created Unemployment and Welfare. This is known as the Hegelian Dialectic. Please, read: http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm Marxist solutions are not the only solutions. Their "solutions" are our path to slavery.
Patriot March 05, 2013 at 05:54 AM
Nailed it ! Very good post !
Patriot March 05, 2013 at 05:56 AM
Mary...You are awesome!


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